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Part 6- Increase your chance of falling pregnant

Health takes time and planning matters

In clinic I always bang on about it taking about 120 days from immature egg follicle to full egg maturation

For sperm it’s a little bit shorter at about 72 days.

And at the risk of stating the obvious, having a child will change your life completely. In every single way, every day.

As uncomfortable as this conversation is, if you or your partner are finding it difficult to make changes to your life to improve your health for a pregnancy, will it be difficult to make space in your life for a baby?

What does this mean for you?

At least 3 months of preconception health

Some people only need to make little changes to your lifestyle to improve their pregnancy chances, some people need to make lots.

Given the turn over of eggs and sperm it is always a good idea to have fully implemented changes for 3 solid months before trying for a baby, 6 is better.

This applies to artificial reproduction techniques as well and becomes even more important in my opinion. ART can be costly so I’m a great believer in maximising your chances first time round.

Make energetic space in your life for a baby

This is more a Wendy observation than what can be found in scientific literature. Its hard to run a clinical trial on energetic space but hear me out.

I suggest taking the time the think through how a baby will fit into your life, your work, your day-to-day activities. What compromises will you make? Wont you make? This is beyond birth plan stuff; this is how you will change to fit a new soul into your world.

Beyond whatever your thoughts are on energy and souls, I think that it can actually calm your system and assist in feeling that you are prepared. See the reduce stress section of this blog.

It can also really help you understand if you truly want a baby or the idea of a baby. Just because you might feel society pressuring you to have a baby, doesn’t mean that is what you (or your partner) want. Be true to yourself.

There you have it – the 6 top tips from a Women’s health Naturopath that you can consider right now to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

I hope that you have got some great places to start to assist your joining into naturally improving your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Remember that although this is a pretty comprehensive starting place, this is a general blog to give generalised advice.

For tailored advice specific to you, or if you are experiencing a health condition that is affecting your hormones such as;

· polycystic ovarian syndrome,

· endometriosis,

· adenomyosis

· irregular periods

· low AMH

I would suggest seeking the assistance of a health profession that specialises in women’s hormones and fertility. While this blog is still a good place to start, in each of those conditions there are more detailed areas that need to be addressed.

And of course, If I can be of more assistance to you on your preconception journey then please reach out to Wendy Burke at Soul Spectrum

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