Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

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Heavy metal and Mineral Testing - Oligoscan 

Measure your Minerals & Heavy Metal Toxicity levels with the OligoScan. The OligoScan uses high-frequency light spectrophotometry to provide an analysis of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in your body. That’s 20 essential minerals and trace elements and 14 toxic heavy metals.  It measures and detects deficiencies and surplus levels, all by scanning the palm of your hand. It know also analysis 6 vitamins including vitamin C, D, B12, B6, Folate and E

Practitioner Sarah Kottmann


DNA Testing

Your DNA can tell us a lot about your health. With DNA testing we are able to see if you have methylation issue, what food you should and shouldn't be eating, if you can absorbed vitamin D and what your liver function is like. 


Sarah Kottmann

Wendy Burke