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Our Mission

At Soul Spectrum, we want you to enter the space and feel like you are leaving the Chaotic things in life behind and leave feeling more balanced, centred and supported. 

Through our ranges of therapies provided by qualified practitioners

Massage bed

The Seed of life logo

The seed of life is a scared Geometric symbol with seven circles all interlinked that represents the bases of creation and the universe as we know it. It represents the seven chakras within our body, and if you keep adding circles, it forms into the Flower of life. 


The symbol is used to keep you balanced and centred, no matter how chaotic life gets.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

About Sarah Kottmann

Sarah Kottmann has dreamt of creating a soulful space for practitioners and patients for many years. She has been a practitioner for almost ten years in the area of Homeopathy, Reiki, Nutrition and Craniosacral therapy, and she believed it was now time to bring her dreams into reality. 

Soul spectrum came into light after an exciting year of change, as with most things that happen to Sarah, it came in quickly, and the urge to step into that space was intense. The idea flowed fast, and Soul Spectrum was born. 

Always listening to her heart and going with the flow of life, she hopes you find connection, support and balance at soul spectrum. 



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