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Marissa Warren


Transformational Consultant 

Past life regression

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My Story

For the last 15 years I have been working with NLP and elements of CBT and primarily focusing on team and business development.  It was a natural progression to add RTT® to my skillset.  My entire career has revolved around transformation, redevelopment and redesign.   

After experiencing a major life event, I decided “NO MORE”. I wanted the make the rest of my life as amazing as it could be. I knew that I was worthy and deserving of living a life of my dreams and was no longer prepared to accept anything that wasn’t aligned to living my best life.  Then, I discovered RTT®.  You know the saying “All roads lead to the right path” Once I had a session, I knew that this was so aligned with my soul’s purpose.  I have been fortunate to live a full life with many experiences and this all helps me to deliver the best possible sessions.  


I specialise working with:

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Connection with my clients is crucial and your session is individually tailored to suit your needs.   Each session is a compassionate, safe space to allow you the time and resources to heal and up level your mind and body. 

My purpose is to guide you back to your inner knowing that you are already perfect and amazing and fully capable of achieving everything you want.  I can create a clear mental path for you to focus on your aspirations and achieve peak performance along with reconnecting to your body and tuning into your inner guidance.  

‍Operating from a heart cantered and soul aligned mission is what drives me to always deliver the best session for you.  Seeing the results that my clients experience and the transformations they have is what lights my inner sparkle! 

‍Working with me is so much more than what you’ve come to see me for.  You will leave with freedom from your issue, the ability to perform at optimum level, healing, transformation, a redirection back to your dream life and a reignition of your inner sparkle.  The fun is watching the changes impact on so many areas in your life.  


Phone: 0410 562 521




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