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Janelle Ritchie

Psychic Medium 

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My Story 

I am an authentic Psychic Medium who is passionate about my Mediumship work with a focus of healing messages for clients. 

My readings include evidence of loved ones, fond memories and stories that your Spirit people like to share and what they may like you to know in your current situation and perhaps what they see for you moving forward. 

You should have plenty to time to ask questions during your reading to ensure you get the most of your session. I often use Oracle Cards as a tool to channel messages on the Psychic realm. 

I also love to answer any questions you may have to demystify the metaphysical world and provide guidance to help clients on their own Spiritual journey including potential resources.

As an understanding Empath, I love to work with sensitive people who benefit from a compassionate reading so if that is you, I’d love to help!


PH:0418 729 606



 Fortnightly on Saturdays 

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