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IV Infusions

Australia Leader in IV infusion come to the clinic to provide this treatment . Done by a registered Nurse with a wide variety of options. 



Start with the Base Drip Iv 

which Includes :

Medical screening by trained care consultants

In-depth consultation with registered nurse before and during appointment.

Scripting services and IV hydration fluid performed by registered nurse. 

Nutrient Add on:
Vitamin C, B complex
Taurine, MIC, ALA, Selenium 
Magnesium, Zinc

Price additional per vitamin 

candicedrip copy.jpg

NAD IV and service 

Nicotinemide adenine Dinucleotide is natural occurring co enzyme found in every cell of the body. NAD+ assists in more biological functions than any other vitamin derived molecule. Plays a role in maintaining DNA integrity, it converts food to energy and is necessary for the functioning of our defensive genes, protecting us from disease and ageing 

NAD IM Booster service also available with IV infusion 

IM Booster Shots 

an add on available with your IV infusion. Intramuscular injection delivers vitamins, mineral and amino acids deep into the muscles, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream

Available Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays
9am till 1pm

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