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Natural Herbs

Natural Therapies & complementary therapies 

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Assorted Medicine

IV Infusion - Vitamin Therapy


Vitamin enriched infusion is now available from Soul spectrum . All conducted by a qualified Nurse. 

Helps to improve mood, energy, immune system function, mental clarity, reduce signs of ageing and more

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Working with the body own capability to heal we take a full health assessment looking at physical, emotional and mental states to match the correct homeopathic remedy to the patients overall state of health at that time. By doing so it stimulate the body healing response and give the body what it needs to heal itself.  Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and is used by million around the world. 

Practitioner Sarah Kottmann


Naturopathy takes a holistic approach to wellness by treating the whole person . Naturopathy supports a person to live a healthy lifestyle. The foundations of naturopathy are based on the importance of a healthy diet, clean fresh water, sunlight, exercise and stress management.

Using Herbs and Nutrition as part of the healing process 

Practitioner Wendy Burke 

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Counseling is a collaborative process that involves a trained professional working alongside you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through counseling, you can gain insights into yourself, develop coping strategies, and work towards personal growth and positive change. Whether you're dealing with stress, relationship issues, mental health concerns, or simply looking for a space to talk, our counselors are here to assist you on your journey towards greater well-being. Take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life by exploring our counselling services today.

Shirley McAvoy - specialising in women transitioning in life 

Sasha Brittain - Relationship Counselling 

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Hypnotherapy / RTT

​Working on changing subconscious habits and trauma to make lasting change. 

Hypnotherapy is an adjunctive technique that utilizes hypnosis to aid in the treatment of specific symptoms or health conditions. Hypnotherapy works by inducing a hypnotic state marked by waking awareness that allows people to experience detached external attention and to focus on inner experience.

Marissa Warren

Image by Ale Romo

Therapeutic Breathwork 

High frequency deep breath used for a specific intention and outcome. Helps to release unresolved wounds and trauma. We get to unwind the nervous system, access altered states of consciousness and create freedom and space within the body. Expanding window of tolerance and connecting conscious to subconscious. 

Sarah Kottmann

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