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Cacao - Ceremony and more

Cacao grows from Theobroma cacao tree. The pods are collected, the beans are extracted and are left to ferment over a certain period of time to develop the desired flavour. Depending on whether the beans are to become cacao or cocoa, depends on the process that the beans will go through.

Cocoa powder is roasted for long periods of time and at high temperatures, which ends up changing the molecular structure of the bean.

Cacao powder still goes through a process but doesn’t go through the high temperature heating process and therefore is considered to be raw.

It is considered as a super food and does have some health benefits.

For a cacao ceremony, Ceremonial Cacao paste is used.

Ceremonial grade paste is made by fermenting and drying the beans - usually sun drying or lightly toasted, then the husks are peeled and the beans are ground down to create a paste which is then set into a block. Nothing is added and nothing is removed. Having a Cacao ceremony can be a very powerful tool to go deeper into your inner work.

Energetically, cacao ceremonies helps to open your heart chakra allowing you to tune into your heart and bring some incredible insight, healing and clarity to your life. To enjoy a Cacao Ceremony, create a calm relaxing space where you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

Prepare your cacao drink, being mindful of your thoughts as you gently heat and whisk your ingredients.

Make yourself comfortable and take a moment to have a few deep breaths.

Set your intention. What do you hope to bring into your life? Do you need clarity around a situation or your thoughts? You can either write this down or say it out aloud. It helps to say it out aloud as it amplifies the energy and vibration to your intention.

Sip your cacao slowly. Taking time in between each sip to breathe and relax.

It is up to you how you wish to amplify and manifest your intention. You could use Breath work, meditation, dance, journalling or music/sound.

Written by Katie Taylor

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