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An exercise into Mindfulness

Life in general can be so overwhelming in the world we are living in during this time. With the pandemic, the stresses, the uncertainty that leads to the overwhelm - the media, the news, other people’s opinions, that again leads to overwhelm and confusion. Then with the demands of life, our own fears, our own thoughts bottling around our mind, what to believe or not to believe, sometimes this can lead to you feeling like you are a volcano ready to erupt.

Know you are not alone. What can you do, who can you turn to, where and what to try next? Do you always feel like you are looking for that next “remedy”, that next “cure”, that next “relief”, or where is that bloody reset button you ask?

First of all I want you to know you are beautiful, you are amazing and you are more powerful than you think. Your thoughts are so much more powerful than you know. That is why mindfulness plays a big part in our lives, having healthy “habits” and yes believing in yourself. So yes it starts with your mind, your beliefs, and actions. It may sound hard, but know it is not. It’s about changing your mindset, enabling your habits to help you cope and feel alive.

It is to be fully present in your life. Are you aware whether you are being fully present for any part of your day or do you feel you are mostly in your head? Most of us are thinking 5 steps ahead or overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

To incorporate mindfulness into our everyday life, we must have our very own “toolbox”. This could be a set of tools such as breathing exercises, techniques to come back to the now - to be present, tapping, rituals, meditation, affirmations, having awareness to our thoughts, exercise. There are so many options you can choose from however, know it takes daily practice and dedication to do so and it can be fun and definetly so rewarding to living a more balanced, happier, meaningful life.

Let’s do a little exercise to overcome all the demands, stresses and overwhelm of life being thrown your way at the moment.

Now I want you to take a deep breathe in, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax your body. I’m not going to ask you to close your eyes because you need to keep them open to read these words, but just know you will feel lighter and more centred by the end of this post.

I want you to feel into your body. All those aches and pains you maybe feeling, I want you to sink deep into them. Now I want you to feel into all the stresses, the tension, the anxiousness in your body. That’s right. I want you to feel into it. Acknowledge its discomfort, it has a story you know. Don’t worry you are safe. The question is are you ready to release those stories to have an unravel affect of releasing those aches and pains, the stresses, the tension, the anxiousness?

Are you ready? Let’s feel into all the discomfort in your body. Connect with each of them. What is coming to you right now? I’m serious. You can do this. You may hear a word or two or a sentence or maybe a image may flash in your mind, whatever it is, connect with that, acknowledge. Repeat “Thank you for showing this to me, thank you for revealing yourself to me. I see you, now it is time to leave. I am now releasing you”. Now imagine all those aches and pains, stresses, tension and anxiousness leave your body. Can you feel it?

Take another deep breathe in and out. I want you to now imagine yourself with a bubble above your head. Underneath that bubble is a funnel leading down into your crown chakra at the top of your head. Now in this bubble is your thoughts, the fears, the self doubt, the lack of, the darkness, the stresses, the overwhelm, the grief, the never ending to do list, the trauma, the heavy emotions, I want you to see it as all the things affecting you right now. Let’s add in all those limiting beliefs and programs. Can you see them swimming in the bubble? As you look closer you can see all of these cascading their way down through into your energetic body, your mental energy body, your physical body. They are swarming all of you. Know, you are okay.

Let’s now take another deep breathe in and release them all. You can do this. Imagine a opening just under your feet. It looks like a little tear in this 3D world going out to the universe. It is dark with little bright lights sparkling like stars.

I want you to imagine all the thoughts, the fears, the self doubt, the lack of, the darkness, the stresses, the overwhelm, the grief, the never ending to do list, the trauma, the heavy emotions, limiting beliefs and programs to start releasing through this opening. That’s right. It is all leaving your mind, your energetic body, your mental energy body, your physical body. Watch them escape. Let them go. Release them.

Take another deep breathe in and out. How do you feel? We are not finished yet.

I want you to now imagine a beautiful pink light opening just above the bubble above your crown chakra. It is sending beautiful powerful energies of gratitude, freedom, unconditional love, good health and empowerment down through to you. There is worthiness, there is inner peace. Breathe it in. Allow it to fill your Mind, your Body and Soul up. Allow it to enter your cells.

Now push that energy outwards. That’s right. Expand it. Expand it outwards as far as you can expand it out to. Then sit with this and allow the renewed fresh, uplifting energies to guide you throughout the day.

How do you feel? Allow yourself this time to enjoy. Mindfulness. Our thoughts are so powerful and can shift our outer world. So so powerful.

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