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The Importance Of Healing Childhood Trauma Before Bring New Life Into This World

There is a silent pandemic that has plagued world for decades now, no one talks about it because it often gets swept under the rug and you’re expected to live life like nothing has ever happened. I am talking about childhood trauma. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to have traumatic experiences growing up as a child, myself included. These experiences dramatically impact us for the rest of our lives. In most cases these experiences happen within our close family circle or with people we know, very rarely does it occur outside of that.

Unhealed trauma is passed down through generations, I can guarantee that the person who hurt you also went through a similar experience and the person who hurt them experienced the same.

It is our responsibility to break this cycle, so we no longer pass it further onto our future children. This is especially important for us women as we are the ones who grow and nurture our children at the first stages of their lives.

Let me tell you, if you have been in denial and hiding from your past, it will rear its ugly head again once you have this baby. Having a baby for the first time should be an exciting time and can be challenging enough. Let alone trying to deal with your unhealed past at the same time.

As the child grows you will find you may be triggered by certain situations or reflecting to that time, this will become even stronger especially when they are the same age as you where when you experienced your traumas.

This is how the cycle repeats itself again. When we don’t heal our past and try to raise children at the same time, our children often get neglected or become victims themselves as we try to hide or avoid or numb these feelings.

Being able to feel the pain is the most important step of the healing process.

FEELING IS HEALING. I know it can be painful but it’s so important that we allow these emotions to pass through us. Think of emotions as E-Motions (energy Motions).

E-motion is like water, and it likes movement and flow, water that stays still turns stale and toxic. If we don’t allow the water to run it will build up until suddenly, we are faced with a tsunami, which is far more destructive than a gentle running creak.

When you decide to go down the healing route, don’t think you have to be a crystal loving, spiritual hippy like myself. Find a therapy that works for you. Wether it’s speaking with a psychologist, attending art therapy sessions, or getting kinesiology and Reiki healings like I did, it’s important to get professional assistance and surround yourself with people who support you through this time.

Healing is a slow process and will take many years. It’s never too late to begin your healing journey however it is much easier before you start a family of your own.

In my own experience I wanted to clear as much built negative energy within my body before bringing my daughter into the world and I am so grateful I did. It took me at least 5 years of deep healing until I found peace, however even now I am still working on myself and healing different aspects of myself as I step into the mother role. I found Reiki Healing the most helpful. Reiki allows a gentle energetic shift within us while at the same time bringing as sense of calm and mental clarity. Reiki helped me so much so I leant it myself so I could help other people bring change into this world.

The more we heal our past the less likely we are going to repeat toxic generational cycles. The more we heal our past, the more likely we will attract people who love and accept us for who we truly are. Take those first steps into your healing journey. You are strong enough and you are brave enough. After all, the damage is already done, and you are still here toady. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. You are worthy of a brighter and happier future full of love. Your future children don’t have to have the same experiences as you had.

And if you already have children, be a role model and show them it’s possible to over come pain suffering.

Let’s create a generation of thrivers not survivors.

Written By Rebecca Maclean

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