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Energy healing and Mental health

Mental Health comes in all shapes and forms and affects everyone sometime during their life. For some, they seem to conquer the tidal wave as quickly as they become aware of it. For others, they find themselves down a dark rabbit hole of all things struggle and hard. While some, just feel like they cannot get a break.

It is tough, especially when you cannot see any light. But did you know that energy plays an important part on your mental health? As does yourself worth, your thoughts and emotions.

I used to suffer from depression. I know how heavy and depleting it is.

I did not know any other way.

I did not know I had options to live a more fulfilled, happier, worthy life.

I did not know we could have blockages and restrictions in our energy fields.

I did not know we could have energy leaks.

I did not know we could protect our energy field from others.

I did not know that what I was feeling was not just my energy.

I did not know what I was feeling was hereditary.

I did not know that the more I felt into the feeling that I was sending it more energy. The more energy I sent to feeling all things dark and gloomy, further down the rabbit hole I went.

I did not know that I could shift out of this feeling so easily. When in that darkness, I did not know I had other options. But then when I did, my life began to shift. Yours can too.

Energy healing plays a huge part in releasing any blockages or healing any leaks within your energy field. Imagine your energy field as a deflated balloon with a hole in it. Now think of it as drawing energy from this deflated balloon for energy, to empower, to allow fun and laughter into your life, to attract abundance and positivity, to feel good. You wouldn’t receive much or if any at all would you.

Now imagine what it would feel like to have an energy field brimming with overflowing energies, powerful energies, beautiful energies. How would that feel for you? Freeing wouldn’t it! Of course you would attract more abundance, more happiness, more joy, more laughter, more clarity, a sense of worthiness and an unlimited supply of positivity and flow.

Receiving energy healing in whichever form will give you that reboot of your system so to speak to allow you to move forward and to have more awareness before you end up down that rabbit hole again. The more energy and power you have, the more you can handle anything. The less energy you have, the greater and bigger the struggle.

Just by acknowledging your pain, the depression, whatever you are feeling in any moment, by feeling into it and giving it permission to let go is so powerful. You do not have to hang onto it. Who said you had to hang onto it? Think about this question.

Trauma, grief, emotional pain is real. Trust me I know. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced it but now I choose to let it go. It no longer defines me. It no longer rules me. And you can have this too. By making the decision for yourself that it is okay to move out of your current feeling and having an awareness of what your thoughts is recycling is so empowering.

And of course by keeping your energy field overflowing helps.

So what are you going to do today to move out of your current circumstance? Give yourself the permission to repair and expand your energy field to allow more awareness of your thoughts. It starts there, within you and you are worthy of living a more freeing life.

it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies and call the helplines if required. The information displayed in this post is to be used as information only.

Lifeline 13 11 14

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

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