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TCM and Acupuncture for Kids

Did you know that I frequently treats children as young as six months for a range of conditions? And I don’t always use needles!

There are a variety of treatments that I like to utilise which are painless and often even fun for children.

One that I employ a lot is called Shonishen, in very basic terms it’s kind of like acupressure but using a blunt pointed tool (I like to use amber, amethyst and clear quartz crystals) and it’s great for younger children and those a little older while we’re building up to using acupuncture needles.

The most common conditions that I support in babies and young children are immune system health, digestive complaints, and eczema, however the most common problem I’m now supporting in pre, and early teens is stress and anxiety.

Obviously, there are many reasons that this is increasing, especially in the current era and homeschooling, and it can be more than a little upsetting for the whole family, (particularly if a parent has their own experience of anxiety).

Acupuncture can really help.

If I do use needles, I completely explain everything that is about to happen and get you and your child’s consent, (I usually demonstrate on my arm how painless it is) and use the smallest needles made, in the fewest locations to have an effect. I always let the child know that if they don’t feel comfortable with any of the treatment that we will stop straight away, and I find that empowering them in this way helps to build trust and elicits really good results.

Acupuncture can help improve sleep and lower stress levels, it can support your child through hormonal changes, growing pains, muscle aches from sports, and bolster their immune system.

Written By Katrina Wood

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