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CranioSacral therapy inflammation and the immune system

It's more than just working on the Cranial bone it a whole body therapy which involves light pressure about 5g which is a 2 x 5c pieces against your skin and tuning into the bodies movement and rhythm to release the fascia in the body. Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue which stabilises, encloses, separate your muscles and organs. It what keeps us together and if we have a kink or damage to the fascia that area of the body may experience less movement and pain.

The immune system, which consists of a loose network of 10 to 50 billion cells of various kinds, all acting together and communicating with each other chemically and energetically, can often seem a bit esoteric. Inflammation in the body involves the immune system it may n be primary such as in the case of infection or autoimmunity or secondary and by releasing the facia we may do enough to release the inflammation. Often times however it involves both primary and secondary factor.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST), because of its ability to engage specific tissues in the body with great precision, is an ideal modality with which to address the immune system. Using CST it is possible to directly map inflammation in the body, on a micro level. One can tell exactly which tissues are inflamed, what aspects of the immune system are involved in that inflammatory process, and to some extent to what the immune system is reacting, all simply by palpating the movement of the immune system in response to the craniosacral rhythm (CSR).

CST is a unique form of therapy. Most manual modalities are very technique-oriented. The therapist assesses the situation, then applies a technique to help address it. While CST can be done as technique, at its core it is much more of a process-oriented modality. The work is about following and supporting the healing process of the client and their Inner Wisdom. The therapist does this not by doing anything, but by being a witness and being present in the moment with what is happening in the tissue.

If there is inflammation, immune cells release histamine which opens up the capillary beds and allows immune cells to travel out into the surrounding tissue. In this situation, there will be immune cells in the interstitial space, and the therapist will feel those cells moving in response to the CSR.

Written By Sarah Kottmann


Palpating and Treating the Immune System Using CranioSacral Therapy Tim Hutton, PhD, LMP, CST-D

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