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Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul


Soul Spectrum 

Holistic wellness centre 

At Soul Spectrum, we want you to enter the space and feel like you are leaving the chaotic things in life behind and leave feeling more balanced, centred and supported. 

We offer a ranges of therapies provided by qualified 

practitioners and the fantastic workshops to support you on your wellness journey on all aspect of body, mind and soul. 


We have a range of practitioners and services  to help support you on your wellness journey. 


Service include:



Craniosacral therapy



Intuitive healing 

Reiki Healing 


Psychic medium 


Cupping Therapy 

Counselling and Psychology 

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine 

and more 


To book a service, contact the practitioner directly or book online through their link. 

Tarot Card Deck

JJ Marie

A few months ago I was feeling really stuck and unsure about a lot of things in my life. After a reading with Janelle Ritchies I was confidently able to move forward with my decisions; knowing that they were the right ones. I have no doubt that Janelle had channelled my family whom have left this world and guided me using their voice.



What an amazing place and space for connecting to ones soul. Physical, emotional and spiritual options.
I’ve seen a few practitioners here over the past 12 months.
Attending the Soul Day pampering was an amazing experience. So beautiful to connect and reconnect with my soul.
Thank you for creating such a healing loving space.

Reiki Treatment

Leesa Watt

So much under one roof.
I love my craniosacral sessions with Sarah and can not wait to see the other practitioners and attend workshops. Lovely to have such unique items for sale so close to home too!!
Pleasant, relaxing environment.

Dandelion Seeds
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