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Shirley McAvoy

 Registered Counsellor 

 Specialising in helping mid-life women navigating the intricate journey of life transitions. 

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My Story

 Shirley McAvoy is more than a Registered Counsellor; her aim is to be a beacon of support for women navigating the complexities of midlife transitions. With a diverse background that spans from the hospital operating theatre as a theatre nurse to guiding individuals through the maze of tertiary education and career choices, Shirley's journey has been as dynamic as the lives she now helps transform. 




Having dedicated years to understanding the intricate fabric of human experiences, Shirley's transition from Tertiary Education/Career Counselling to Personal Counselling was as natural as it was inevitable. Her firsthand encounters with life's twists and turns, coupled with her professional expertise, uniquely position her to empathize with the challenges women face during midlife transitions. 



Passion & Purpose

Driven by a profound desire to facilitate mental wellness and empower women through their midlife journeys, Shirley approaches Counselling with a blend of compassion, insight, and practical guidance. Drawing from her own experiences of navigating midlife changes, she provides a safe space for women to explore their concerns, rediscover their strengths, and embrace the next chapter of their lives with confidence and resilience. 


Through her private practice, Pause 4 Thought Counselling, Shirley specializes in addressing a wide range of midlife challenges, including peri-menopause/menopause mental health challenges, life transitions, anxiety & stress, relationship dynamics, self-identity, and personal fulfillment. Through individual Counselling sessions tailored to each client's unique needs, she offers a holistic approach that integrates

evidence-based techniques with intuitive understanding, fostering healing and growth at every step of the journey. 


Empowerment Through Wellness: 

At the heart of Shirley's practice is the belief that true wellness encompasses not only mental and emotional balance but also a sense of purpose and fulfillment. By guiding women towards greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-empowerment, she 

equips them with the tools they need to navigate life's transitions with grace and resilience, reclaiming their vitality and joy along the way. 


Connect with Shirley: 


Ready to embark on your journey to renewed wellness and vitality? Reach out to Shirley today to schedule your personalized Counselling session and take the first step towards embracing the possibilities that midlife has to offer. 


GradDipCouns(Relationship) – working towards 

GradCertCouns(Career Dev. Practice) 


Certified - My MT Menopause Health Coach 

Certified - Trauma Informed Practice 

Certified – Mental Health First Aid 

Certified – Tertiary Educator (TAE40116) 

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 & 2 - working towards 

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