Renee Van Den Heuvel

Feminine Embodiment Coach

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My Story 

I have had varying life and educational experiences. From working in hospitality; to obtaining a Psychology degree; to being a police officer; to having kids to studying the body and mind and soul connection. That’s just my ‘achievements’ but I am also a wife, a mother, a childhood trauma survivor, a navigator of postnatal depletion, a messy human who is still making mistakes, learning, growing and most importantly I love using the ‘wisdom’ I have received from all of this, to help other women navigate their version of life’s challenges. 


My qualifications: 

Bachelor of Science - Majoring in Psychology
​Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification
Life experiences - majoring in:
being a messy awesome human;
a passionate deep soul;
a disembodied and embodied woman;
a loving and imperfect wife;
a struggling, loving and empowered mother;

a confused, lost and unsure woman;

a transformed and continually learning person passionate about helping others. 


How can I support you? 


Coaching, in person or online, is a 60 min session where I get to show you how to reconnect to your inner being. Guiding you to slow down, breathe and feel within. I will introduce you to your own wisdom that is bursting to be shared with you. I don’t have the answers for you, YOU have the answers for yourself. I just get to be the one to take you on the journey to it. The more sessions we can experience together, the more significant the transformation. However, you will feel and experience a shift even after just one session. 


Still on the fence and have more questions? Please feel free to reach out. I want you to help ease any worries, concerns or queries you may have. If you’re still reading then you must have some resonance, now is the time that you start listening to that ‘voice’ within. See you soon! 

What is feminine embodiment:

Putting words and language around this concept isn’t always the easiest thing to do – because embodiment isn’t concerned with the mental constructs that language creates. Embodiment is a truth that lives much deeper in our being. But… the best and most easy way I can explain it is that it is about ‘inhabiting self’ – the most honest, sincere, empowered and actualised version of you.  

The feminine part of this, is not about being female, but about feeling and flow. Rather than the ‘masculine’ direction and go. Its about sitting with the uncomfortable, the uncomfortable that is holding up in our body and unknowingly or unwittingly preventing us from living a fully fulfilled life. Once we can break through this, setting goals and direction is a smoother and less challenging process. 


PH: 0493224284

Available Thursdays