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Lauren Dearlove

Psychologist and Somatic Therapist 

My Story

I am a registered Psychologist and Somatic Therapist with 10 years experience in supporting people across a number of different areas to heal and flourish in life. In the past 5 years my practice has expanded into a holistic psychology service that works with a person as a whole, with all the complexity and richness of human experience; integrating mind, body and spirit. My passion for Somatic therapy began after a number of training courses and self-development journeys that opened my mind to the world of embodiment practices to support healing. It was a case of once you learn it, see it, apply it and feel it you cannot unsee, unlearn or un-feel it and it must be shared! 


I am based in North Lakes, QLD and offer both in person sessions as well as online sessions. I currently work with individuals 16 years + with a range of presentations including survivors of childhood sexual abuse, women and children affected by family and domestic violence, veterans and emergency service workers or anyone impacted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I also work in relational trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and post-natal issues. 


I have an extensive history of working with children in foster care and out of home care as well as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). I have been a behaviour specialist for NDIS for 10 years offering support to children, young people and carers with mental health issues, trauma and disabilities. I am limited in my capacity to take on these clients at present however having knowledge of the gaps in these systems and the systemic trauma involved I am always happy to discuss support options so please feel free to contact me to discuss. I am registered to provide support under Medicare, allowing for 10 rebated sessions per calendar year, Victims Services, Work Cover and NDIS. 


I work in a holistic and inclusive way with the individual to build trust in hope that together we can explore, nurture, heal, transform and come home to their most authentic and wholesome self. I work in a deeply humanistic and relational way, aiming to have individuals feeling empowered, safe and connected. I have completed trainings and professional development with some of the worlds leading experts in the field of trauma, neuropsychology and interpersonal neurobiology including Dan Siegel, Stephen Porges, Allan Schore, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Janina Fischer, Pat Ogden, Gabor Mate and Bruce Perry. I recently completed my Somatic Attachment Therapist Training with The Embodiment Lab and am a fully trained EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing). 


Areas of Interest:


Childhood Sexual Abuse

Women’s Health & Holistic Wellbeing

Relational Trauma 

Addiction and Substance Abuse 

Postnatal Support 

Youth Issues; Self-Image, Sex and Relationships, Identity, Depression


Phone: 0435 958 953


Saturday 8am – 5pm 

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