Katrina Gibson

Beauty Therapist 

Massage Therapist 

Reiki Master 

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My Story

Katrina has always had an interest in Natural Health, Beauty and Wellness since she was 19. In 2012 Katrina graduated with her Certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy and went on to complete her Diploma equivalent.

As her passion and knowledge grew over the years, she went on to complete her Certificate 4 in Nutritional Food Coaching to give her an understanding of how food truly is medicine for the body and how she could further help her clients with this knowledge.

During these years, Katrina also began her spiritual Journey when she met her first Mentor, a beautiful Earth Angel to guide her on her journey of self discovery and how important she is to the Earth and the souls she has helped and is going to continue helping throughout her life. An eager to learn Katrina, delved deeply into learning more about Angel Therapy, Oracle & Tarot Cards, developing her intuition to learn all she could about these modalities.

Katrina continued to learn more about her gifts and came to know of her healing abilities through Reiki as she studied her Healers Course, where she became a Reiki Master.

Katrina is passionate about how the Mind, Body and Soul all need to work together to find balance and has created SanVelop Wellness, a safe space for people to create awareness, relaxation and find who they are without judgement.

Katrina has now had a calling to educate those on their path to finding who they are through these Holistic Practices and modalities and is now dedicating her time to her students & clients. The balancing of Mind, Body & Spirit will make one whole and complete.


Katrina is now delving deeply into her Holistic Nutrition Course to gain extensive knowledge and skill so she can help more people through these practices.



Therapy available 

Crystal Grid Facials

Spa Facials  

Pregnancy massage 

Aromatherapy massage 

Hot Stone massage 

Reiki healing 

Relaxation Massage 

Pamper packages 



Monday 9-4pm

Fridays 12.30pm till 5pm

Saturday 9-5pm

Phone: 0481 130 094

This number is for Soul Spectrum as all of Katrina's appointments are done through Soul Spectrum