Saturdays  9am till 3pm

Contact : 0431 430 472


Kassie Marie Yates

Behavioural Psychology/RTT hypnotherapy

Kassie-Marie Yates holds a Behavioural Psychology Science degree and is certified in RTT hypnotherapy.

​Kassie-Marie is passionate about helping women release their mind & body from past impacts however big or small, to rewire the neural pathways for lasting shifts & reconnecting with themselves.


How the sessions work:


In a safe & nurturing environment Kassie-Marie helps in guiding you through your subconscious mind asking it direct questions, gaining direct answers. She also guides you in traveling through your body to find any messages behind any concerns & release them.

She helps you connect with your inner child when necessary, building a safe & loving reparenting relationship.


After the session she creates an individual hypnosis recording script to solidify the shifts you achieved in your session. She continues supporting you throughout the following month after your session.


Kassie-Marie describes these sessions as being intense & confronting at times but extremely powerful, safe & freeing!


Kassie-Marie's mission, 

"I believe that we are not victims of our minds but we can harness their power to be limitless in our existence. My mission is to reconnect my clients to this, their truth."