Jules Siru

Astrologist/ Artist/ Soul Practitioner 

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Thursday 11am till 8pm

Other ways to contact Jules 

Ph: 0422939140


Inner view for the Outer world





A personal session with Jules focuses on guided rhythm, connection, energy of our natural environment and the spiritual navigation of our skies. A colourful, creative and compassionate approach to supporting a journey of self-discovery, understanding your unique and individual soul map for enriching the everyday experience.


Whether you are on a path to higher living, a deep dive into self-discovery, emerging into personal leadership or seeking more for healing and empowerment - a conversation with your star map can be a valuable complementary tool. 


We all deserve to feel confident and authentically valued for being exactly who we are. Astrology offers permission to express and celebrate the masterpiece that is you! 





Individualised as artists of life, everyday there is creation in the skills we use and the choices we make with the resources we have. It is the living expression of a present moment, unique and unmistakable in identity that we experience life as an original. 


For some the colours are bolder, lines drawn deeper, layers and layers of impression mark the timeline - art of the personal experience. 


Historically the timekeeper. In co-creation with spirit and science, it bridges the connection of our inner rhythms, energetically with the outer world. Using the spiritual wealth of our stars, sun, moon and planets - astrology helps develop a sense of belonging to who we are. It explores our unique and magnificent soul print - a map of the sky and future progressions from the exact time, location and date of birth.


While there are many philosophies in the practice of Astrology, with infinite curiosity, passion and purpose Jules has studied over 20 years of blended modalities across continents in personal expansion and growth. Combined with an educated framework of developed psycho-spiritual tools - both Art and Astrology have to the power to help reaffirm strength in identity, navigate seasons of change and transformation while fiercely falling in love with the truth and destiny in our story of life. 


This is Jules’ passion and the leading mission is to combine CONNECTION, CREATIVITY & COMMUNITY in helping groups and individuals through developmental stages of life. 


Offerings include:


Astrology Readings 

Astro Crystal Grid Mapping 

Astrology Teaching/Workshops

Personal Cosmic Coaching 

Elemental Alignment 

Art Workshops/Mentoring 

Community/Group Development