Assorted Crystals

Crystal Grid Facials 

Crystal Grid Facials are enriched with active botanicals & skin brightening properties with your choice of the Crystal Grids below. Your skin will be hydrated, nourished and revitilised. Your mind, body and soul will begin to align, release and detoxify, depending on the Crystal Grid chosen. Home Care is also prescribed for your full home experience and maintenance. These specialized facials target your Mind, Body & Spirit as one.

Age Renewal Crystal Grid Facial - 75 mins $189

Crystals used

~ Labradorite (for Anti-Aging)

~ Rose Quartz (For love of thyself & Anti-Aging)

~ Aquamarine (for youthfulness & rejuvenation)


Start to regain the youthfulness within your mind, body and spirit. Your skin will love the effects of this rejuvenating, Age Renewal Crystal Facial. Experience what the Egyptians & Goddesses did - they truly knew natural beauty! Includes Signature Anti-Aging Facial.

Purifying Crystal Grid Facial - 75 mins $150

Crystals Used:

~ Bloodstone (Detoxifies, encourages circulation & helps eliminate toxins)

~ Rose Quartz (For love of thyself & helps to balance Yin/Yang energies)

~ Shungite (Aids in eliminating toxins, restoring skin damage, deep cleansing & protection)


Have you felt a need for a detox not just in mind, but in your skin and soul as well? This Purifying Crystal Facial will tick all of these boxes in restoring and detoxifying skin & soul deep! Carefully selected crystals have been assigned for this heavy task along with my detoxifying SanVelop Botanic Skincare. You will feel deeply cleansed, and refreshed to take the next steps on your path. Includes Botanical Spa Facial. 

Soul Cleansing Crystal Grid Facial - 75 mins $160

Crystals Used:

~ Amethyst (Enhances spiritual awareness, clears the mind, 3rd Eye Chakra)

~ Clear Quartz (Amplifies the energy of the crystals, clears the mind)

~ Malachite (Deep soul healing, aids heart chakra)

~ Tourmaline (Protection, grounding)

Deep soul healing to bring about change within your life. Malachite & Amethyst are well known for deeply cleansing the soul while Tourmaline will keep you grounded and protected. Boost your skin with an energising Reiki Facial. Includes Reiki facial.

Peace & Serenity Crystal Grid Facial- 75 mins $150

Crystals used 

 - Fluorite (Relaxation & peace)

~ Rhodonite (Stress relief and clearing)

~ Rose Quartz (For love of thyself)

~ Clear Quartz (Amplifies the energy & Happiness)

Stress build-up can show in your mind, body and of course, in your skin! This creative, stress-relieving, Peace & Serenity Crystal Facial will begin to relax the mind, encouraging a deeper healing. Clear away & release negative emotions and bring about that much needed self love. A truly powerful experience. Includes Botanical Spa Facial.

Energy Boost Crystal Grid Facial - 75 mins $160

Crystals Used:

~ Anyolite (Aids in depression & stress, increases positive energy & awakens your soul)

~ Clear Quartz (Amplifies the energy of the crystals, clears the mind)

~ Rose Quartz (For love of thyself & helps to balance Yin/Yang energies)


Boost & clear away energy that no longer serves you & increase positive energy within. Includes Reiki Facial.

Botanical Upgrade add on's - $39 each

~ Ayurvedic scalp massage while your feet soothe in an aromatic foot soak - + 15 mins

Reiki Energy Healing + 15 mins

Foot & Leg Ritual  + 15 mins